Big utility companies are trying to make rooftop solar unaffordable.
Help protect solar in Michigan!

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More and more individuals and small businesses are choosing rooftop solar as a way to reduce energy costs and encourage energy independence.

Rooftop solar is more affordable than ever, allowing thousands to generate their own clean energy while creating well-paying jobs. Big, monopoly utility companies like DTE Energy also recognize the enormous potential for solar and want to control it to maximize their profits. That’s why we need your help to protect these jobs and keep rooftop solar affordable in Michigan.

DTE Energy has requested a rate increase to the Michigan Public Service Commission that would:

  • Mandate a fee of $12 to $16 per month on rooftop solar customers just for generating their own energy!
  • Reduce the payout for excess energy generated from rooftop solar from the current 13 cents per kilowatt hour to a measly 4 cents per kilowatt hour! That’s nearly 70 percent less than what customers currently get for the clean energy they generate.

These new fees, charges and rip-offs by big utility companies would be devastating for the rooftop solar market, making solar unaffordable and putting solar companies out of business.

We need your help TODAY.

Write to the Michigan Public Service Commission and tell them to stand up for rooftop solar and reject DTE Energy’s proposal.

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